Thesis: A Recital of Original Compositions


My compositions may be classified into different types. This thesis will contain three chapters corresponding o the following categories: sacred music, educational music, and concert music. All of the music played in my graduate recital will be discussed and the scores of each selection will be included in an appendix.

In discussing some of the compositions, I will give accounts of the conception of the work, and, occasionally, a history of contributing inspirational factors. Included in the commentary on each number will be a general musical analysis focusing on form; principal keys, scales or modes; significant chords and/or harmonic progressions; rhythmic patterns; and programmatic effects. The educational value of the pedagogical music, the possible use of my religious music, and the desired effect of my concert music on listeners will also be considered.

Not included in this paper will be a complete harmonic analysis of each composition and suggestions for performance. My discussion will focus on general information rather than details. For example, specific chords will be mentioned only if they occur frequently and are significant in helping establish my style of writing.

The purpose of my paper will be to help readers better understand my compositions and style of writing. Since musical instinct rather than intellectual analysis was my primary help in creating these compositions, I also hope, through the writing of this thesis, to gain a greater rational knowledge of my own music.

The complete thesis is located at the University of Portland Wilson W. Clark Memorial Library.

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